About Us

Why did we create Homes of England?

Homes of England was created in 2013 as a property development company, to meet the strong and growing housing demand in the UK for affordable homes. Early 2013, the conversion of derelict office buildings into residential was permitted under the Permitted Development regime, allowing developers to convert office buildings without the need for planning permission.

We took advantage of this unique opportunity and built 650 residential units between 2013 and 2020. Since then, we have retained 400 of these units in our property investment portfolio, and we are currently focusing on property investment until such time as the economic landscape becomes favourable again to property development. Our property portfolio benefits from the uplift in value achieved during the development phase, which equates to 20% in average and which acts as a security cushion for us and our investors.

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How do we respond to the housing demand?

Following the sharp rise in prices in London, the need for more affordable housing in the UK has been soaring.

We respond to the demand by developing housing on the outskirts of London, in cities located between 30 to 45 minutes by train from Central London. We select well-connected buildings nearby train stations and transport routes to offer the best price per square foot for a minimum travel time to Central London.

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